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Freight capacity

As a European player in freight services, Klein GmbH - Internationale Spedition offers its customers a wide range of different transport vehicles. This ensures that we always provide both energy-efficient and at the same time cost-effective freight transport. Below is an overview of our current primary fleet and information on the relevant load capacities.

Vehicle type Door Dimensions (m) Load area (L * W * H m) Payload (kg) Volume (m³) Vehicle Age (Ø)
Megatrailer 2,48x3,0 13,6x2,48x3,0 24.500 100 3
Tautliner 2,48x2,7 13,6x2,48x2,7 24.500 80 3
Thermo 2,48x2,6 13,6x2,48x2,6 22.000 86 3
Truck-trailer 2,48x3,0 7,8x2,48x3,0 + 7,8x2,48x3,0 22.000 100 3
12t 2,44x2,6 7,5x2,4x2,6 5.500 47 3
7,5t 2,44x2,5 6,5x2,4x2,5 2.500 40 2
Planenbus 2,1x2,2 4,1x2,2x2,1 1.100 19 2
Bus 1,7x1,8 4,7x1,7x1,95 1.150 15 2

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