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Express and special trips

For the rapid transport of small volumes of goods, Klein GmbH - Internationale Spedition provides its customers with an entire fleet of transport vehicles designed to carry the cargo load in question. Timely deliveries throughout Europe within a maximum of 24 hours is also part of the freight service: "Express and special trips" are always guaranteed. GPS-based scheduling guarantees the timely receipt of goods and fully transparent tracking together with a fixed time hand-over of goods at the freight destination.

A large number of sites spread across Europe, guarantees clients of Klein GmbH a high level of availability and short reaction times: from the inquiry and pick up through to delivery to the destination. Our customers from the automotive sector especially appreciate the high readiness and reliability of our specialised logistics and vehicle fleet.


Vehicle fleet
Vehicle type Door Dimensions (m) Load area (L * W * H m) Payload (kg) Volume (m³) Vehicle Age (Ø)
Megatrailer 2,48x3,0 13,6x2,48x3,0 24.500 100 3
Tautliner 2,48x2,7 13,6x2,48x2,7 24.500 90 3
12t 2,44x2,6 7,5x2,44x2,6 5.500 47 3
7,5t 2,44x2,5 6,5x2,44x2,5 2.500 40 2
Planenbus 2,1x2,2 4,1x2,2x2,1 1.100 19 2
Bus 1,7x1,8 4,7x1,7x1,95 1.150 15 2
Caddy 1,0x1,1 1,4x1x1,1 400 2 2
Estate car 1,0x0,5 1,0x0,6x0,5 250 0,5 2
Our service features in detail

Our client, a French automobile manufacturer operates a plant in Spain, Valladolid.

  • Tuesday 12:24: A line stoppage threatens on Thursday at 07:00, as various production parts are urgently needed. These are located in the Czech Republic, some 2,200 kilometres away. Furthermore, they add up to a total of 21 pallets weighing 8,950 kg.
  • Tuesday 12:35: Our client receives an offer within 2 hours.to load up the components and deliver them to Valladolid by 6:00 on Thursday at the latest.
  • Tuesday 14:05: A truck with 2 drivers arrives at the loading point, leaving the dispatch yard with the load at 14:55.
  • Wednesday 9:45: The truck reaches Macon in France. Another truck with 2 drivers is already waiting. It hooks up the trailer. At 10:30 the last leg to Valladolid is underway.
  • 04:30 Thursday: The truck arrives at the unloading bay

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